The Queen’s Law Journal is run by an Editorial Board, which is comprised of upper-year Queen’s Law students. 

2020–2021 Editorial Board


 Michelle de Haas & Cosimo Morin


Summer 2019 Editor

Patryk Sawicki


Articles Editors


Managing Editor of Articles

David Bannerman

Managing Editor of Productions

Dylan Armstrong

Managing Editor of Volunteers

Claire Gibson

Managing Editor of Business & Marketing

Joanna Strozak

Managing Editors of the Style Guide

Oliver Flis & Sarah MacKay Marton

Senior Associate Editors

Mitchell Clarke & Kelly Zhang

Associate Editors

Caine Chapman, Chris Enright, Nadya Gill, Helen Schweitzer, Christine Shahverdian, & Samantha Spector


Submissions Editors


Managing Editors of Submissions

Brad Alford & Eli White

Senior Submissions Editor

Deniz Samadi

Associate Submissions Editors

Ross Denny-Jiles, Adam Higgins, Callum Hutchinson, Farrah Kudus, Patryk Sawicki, & Tim Schjerning